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We are on a mission to help young families attain the DREAM

of home ownership and begin their legacy of generational wealth!

Our Vision

Watching my son enter the housing market in 2020 was almost paralyzing.  As a pre-qualified buyer, I watched him make offers on multiple homes only to be outbid by families moving to our valley from more affluent neighborhoods.  The seller's market was booming and well-established buyers were creating bidding wars, far exceeding the asking price of homes.  Along with statewide legislation making new home construction unattainable for MOST families, buyers were not able to leave rentals as generations before them had once done.  I felt helpless as a parent watching my son work two jobs and not be able to keep up with the market.  And 2023, it's the interest rates that have determined his family can only qualify for properties in unsafe neighborhoods for houses that FAR exceed their true value.

So, we came up with a plan.  Our goal is to help one young family every year to be a part of remodeling a foreclosed home.  They will be pre-qualified; contribute sweat equity; and apply in a similar fashion as Habitat for Humanity.  These families are positioned between OVER-qualifying for Habitat opportunities and UNDER-qualifying to afford a home in a safe neighborhood.

We are determined to bridge that gap.  Our first project is underway and we will be posting progress photos soon.  The remodel is happening at an extraordinary pace due to the trade partners involved and the humanity pulling together to make this dream a reality.  It has been an honor to design and create a program that we can duplicate in the future and hand over keys to MANY deserving young families.

Coming Soon:  a detailed outline of our process to include the application, written essay, and interviews to see if we are a good fit.  We look forward to being able to help and we ask for prayers and support while we figure out this journey!

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His Mission

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Fair Housing Legacy

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, think of how his efforts have impacted your life or that of someone you know.  Thanks to Dr. King, millions of people have been able to achieve the goal of homeownership, and we remain committed to furthering that cause.  Enlisting help from Senator Brooke, the Fair Housing Act was successfully added to the Civil Rights Act in 1968, making it illegal to discriminate (charging higher rates for blacks and minorities and people living in low income neighborhoods).  It would be signed into law just weeks after his assassination.

~ Vibrant Living Newsletter

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