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Melissa Brewer, the founder of M.B. Designs, started the firm in 2011 and brings 31 years of experience in the industry to Yakima. Having worked in Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Southern California, she has the experience to give her clients everything they desire in their projects.

When she was a young girl around the age of (5) her parents knew she had a gift.  Her dad had built her a "doll-house" made up of (5) boxes that Melissa had fully furnished and re-arranged throughout the years.  The irony...she didn't (and still doesn't) like dolls!  She never got the Barbie or Cindy doll, but she did spend her allowance on their furniture and accessories.

Years later at the age of (45) Melissa bought the historical McIlvanie Machine Works building and used that same vision to turn it into Yakima's premier Design Studio.  She and her team provide an experience for their clients that far exceed other showrooms in our beautiful state.  "We aren't for everyone!  We offer a mid to high end service and we take great pride in that service.  We begin with a mutual interview to see if we are a good fit and we proceed from there."


At M.B. Designs you'll be able to experience materials and hand-selected products  from the most unique distributors around the world.  If you don't see what you're looking for during your initial visit, we will bring it in!

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